Savy & Sons is a full-service contractor specializing in

Water & Wastewater Rehabilitation, Coatings & Linings, Infrastructure Restoration,

Pipe Lining Services and Media Blasting.


















Savy & Sons is a full-service contractor specializing in Water & Wastewater Rehabilitation, Epoxy Coatings & Linings, Infrastructure Restoration, Pipe Lining Services and Media Blasting.




























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With our service-first approach to all work, and our own demanding standards, we’ve built a stellar reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and service.

We use the latest technologies,  state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality of materials in the industry. Our focus is on repair and rehabilitation to provide effective, long-lasting solutions that address critical schedules, budgets and environmental considerations.  Engineering firms, general contractors, property managers, water companies, and municipalities to name a few have trusted us to build value into every project while delivering professional expertise in Water & Wastewater Rehabilitation, Coatings & Linings, Infrastructure Restoration, Pipe Lining Services and Media Blasting

You will find unmatched customer service and solutions you won’t find elsewhere!

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We specialize in polyurethane injections for waterproofing, soil stabilization, and epoxy injections for structural repairs. This process protects concrete structures from further deterioration, is environmentally friendly, and is safe for potable water.

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Structural rehabilitation and protective coatings is a proactive and cost-effective solution to correct corrosion and infiltration within water and wastewater systems. Freeze and thaw cycles, as well as traffic and environmental pollutants, stress manholes, storm drains, and pipe systems, eventually creating structural failures that disrupt normal operation and require costly emergency repairs or replacements.

Savy & Sons specializes in the maintenance, coating, and repair of manholes, manhole chimneys, sewers, storm drains, pump stations, underground concrete vaults, and water-related infrastructure.

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Time, use, and environmental factors all contribute to the breakdown of organic building materials, leading to both cosmetic and structural degradation, and an accelerated depreciation of your investment. The use of epoxy and polyurethane resin injections and sealants are a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to replacement.

Savy & Sons is skilled in the application of coatings and linings for structural repairs and corrosion protection.





With an aging and deteriorating infrastructure, preventative maintenance and repair of above and below ground systems is a critical concern for state and municipality public works. Diligent maintenance programs greatly reduce the likelihood of system failures that, in turn, require emergency repairs, which are far more disruptive and far more costly.

At Savy & Sons, we offer a multitude of methods to ensure the stability – and safety – of your infrastructure.

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Savy & Sons offers trenchless CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Pipe) & SIPP (Sprayed-In-Place-Pipe) rehabilitation. We have partnered with Perma-Liner Industries which is the leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment and materials developed to rehabilitate existing sewer systems without excavation. 

Using our lateral and mainlining systems we are able to repair any size and any type of pipe. This includes any above-ground or below-grade pipes experiencing deterioration, infiltration/ex-filtration or simply in need of preventative maintenance.

Our nation’s infrastructure is aging, and that arises many unseen problems. Many of today’s sewer lines are well over their expected lifespan of 50 years and are made of materials that are not suitable to withstand the nation’s growing population. We have all the equipment to camera, clean, descale and reline all small and large diameter pipes. 

Savy & Sons is a certified applicator and all applications have a minimum ASTM 50+ year life span design.

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Savy & Sons offers a full menu of dustless blasting services to restore, strip, clean and prepare any surface. Over time, even the toughest materials will start to look worn, but may not need to be replaced.This thorough cleaning and resurfacing allows for proper application of epoxy coatings and linings to ensure long-lasting protection. We offer all types of blasting to meet your specific project needs.

This surface cleaning and preparation process is widely used in a variety of different industries with many diverse purposes. 

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What Clients Say


We knew Savy & Sons would provide us with a cost-effective and efficient solution, and we are very happy with the quick, quality work the team delivered. It’s a game changer for us!

Steve, Crest Mechanical

There are very few companies that show-up when they say they will, and do what they say they will… Ralph and Travis are honest, very knowledgeable, and have excellent mechanical skills.  I highly recommend them.  Looking forward to working with Savy & Sons again…

Marc, New Departure Fish & Game Club

Savy & Sons are always reliable and their work is very good. They arrive earlier than most contractors and are completely prepared to begin work as scheduled, and they keep me updated on every aspect of the project, which is appreciated.

Bob, Manchester Community College

We called these guys to do a job for us. We recently got scammed from a different company that messed up a job. From the beginning they were amazing! Each team member was kind and helpful and genuine. Travis came out a few days later to look at the job, he was professional and you could tell he knew what he was talking about. They scheduled a future time and appointment. They did it in one day and fixed it perfectly! We are so thankful for them!

Wendy, Homeowner

We were so impressed with the professionalism and communication from the team. I always ask lots of questions, which annoys some people, but the guys took the time to explain everything to me. This sleeving process was so interesting, and we’re happy that we did not have to have the sewer line dug up!

Janet, Homeowner

Were on top of things prior to the work, during the work, and once the work was completed. Very easy to work with and did a great job!!! Would use them again, but hopefully I won’t need to! Thank you to everyone at Savy and Sons.

Bill, Homeowner

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