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Elevated Wooden Potable Water Tank Lining

Preservation is typically the goal when dealing with aging infrastructure, particularly when dealing with structures that hold a piece of history as was the case with this elevated wooden water tank. Operating in Hopewell Junction, NY, Camp Kinder Ring has been hosting campers for over five generations. It’s wooden water tank provides potable water to campers and staff.

 Recently, the tank had begun showing signs of aging and deterioration. It was leaking and its wooden interior no longer held its water-tight seal. This elevated wooden water tank was facing a very costly replacement of up to $500,000 with downtime of roughly three months. 

 Fortunately, contractor Savy & Sons was able to offer a rehabilitation solution that presented drastic cost savings with minimal downtime. The solution involved relining the current structure using Epoxytec’s Sprayliner 61™, rather than replacing it. Formulated specifically for use in potable, water environments (certified ANSI/NSF-61), this high build fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) epoxy lining system is capable of achieving thicknesses of 125 – 250 mils and is designed to provide high strength and flexural properties for partially or fully deteriorated structures. Savy & Sons has been providing waterproofing solutions for water and wastewater rehabilitation for customers for decades. The experience held by the Savy & Sons combined with the outstanding product performance of CPP Sprayliner 61 gave the decision-makers at Camp Kinder Ring the confidence to move forward with restoration and rehabilitation.    

 Savy & Sons began the project with the critical step of surface preparation. The entire interior of the tank was hydroblasted to remove contaminants, foreign particles and disintegrated materials; this debris was then vacuumed out. Once the tank was prepped, Savy & Sons filled all gaps, voids, and joints using Epoxytec CPP, a thixotropic epoxy paste used for a strong bond, repairs, and corrosion resistance. This environmentally friendly, 100 percent solids (no VOCs, no solvent) was easy-to-apply with trowel, putty knife or spatula and provided necessary patching and restoration. 

 Epoxytec CPP Sprayliner 61 could then be applied. This two-component moisture insensitive liner is highly adhesive, chemical resistant, 100 percent solids, with high strength and reinforced epoxy. The product was applied using a fully heated, plural component system with recirculating and agitating heated hoppers.

 Savy & Sons sprayed Epoxytec’s Sprayliner CPP 61 at a thickness of 125 mils to structurally line the entire interior of the wooden water tank as a water-tight liner. A warranty was issued as the CPP Sprayliner can be offered with up to a 10-year warranty on certain applications when installed by a Certified Contactor.

Why is this project outstanding? 

Camp Kinder Ring first opened its gates in 1927. To date, there have been five generations of campers and staff members exposed to the transformational experience of living in this community respectfully while building lifelong skills, relationships, and memories. The water tank is a piece of its history that was able to be salvaged.

 Collaborating with leaders of Camp Kinder Ring, Savy & Sons was able to provide a practical solution, with a focus on repair and rehabilitation, thus providing an effective, long-lasting solution. This solution did not compromise budgets and allowed for realistic scheduling that minimized downtime and maximized the value of the investment. Rehabilitation of the water tank was completed in roughly three days, which allowed the camp to continue uninterrupted.

 Now more than ever, during these unprecedented times, we are all reminded of the value of coming together and the happiness camps such as Camp Kinder Ring can provide. In hopes that, in the near future, we can all resume to the simple joys of togetherness, community, friendships and camps, this project perhaps holds more significance than it had in previous times. This rehabilitation represents a piece of sustainability, the ability to provide cost savings that will in turn provide a valuable piece in the sustainability of a camp, soon to be over a century old. 


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