Chlorine Contact Chamber




JULY 2019



Located in Connecticut, this concrete chlorine contact chamber was severely deteriorating and eroding. The owner needed a quick solution, with minimal downtime for the wastewater treatment facility. Rapid return to service was a crucial element for this rehabilitation. As a full-service waterproofing and infrastructure restoration contractor, Savy & Sons was able to provide that solution!

First, prior to Savy & Sons performing the work, the tank needed to be drained to ensure a complete inspection for any further deteriorated material below the waterline. Savy & Sons then saw cut and jackhammered out all failing concrete. Next Savy & Sons made all concrete repairs using Epoxytec’s Mortartec Silicate and Mortartec Ceramico to restore the original structure.

After making masonry repairs to bring the structure back to its original state, Savy & Sons took action to preserve and protect the existing concrete chlorine contact chambers from further deterioration. They applied Epoxytec’s CPP Sprayliner to the structure in order to protect the area from future deterioration of wastewater flow, chemical contact, and atmospheric elements. Epoxytec’s CPP Sprayliner is ideal for tanks and other fluid storage structures. At 125 mil thickness, this product also came with a 10-year warranty! Epoxytec’s CPP has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, with blended cycloaliphatic polymers for increased crosslinking for chemical resistance (ultra-high H2S and other chemicals) moisture tolerance, UV stabilization, freeze/thaw tolerance and service abrasion.

By resurfacing and epoxy lining this chlorine contact chamber, Savy & Sons was able to reduce the city’s downtime and substantially save costs. Using Epoxytec products, Savy & Sons provided a solution that would ultimately protect the infrastructure’s substrate from future deterioration and allow this structure to continue to operate efficiently for years to come.


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