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Storrs, CT


August, 2019

Wastewater Tank Epoxy Lining

The flagship UCONN campus in Storrs, Connecticut had recently installed two new wastewater equalization tanks that still required work to be usable. UCONN hired Savy & Sons to pour a new concrete water invert and apply a protective epoxy lining to ensure these new equalization tanks can stand the test of time. 

Once the invert was set, Savy & Sons went about the arduous process of cleaning and prepping the tank walls. This is an immensely important step to ensure the epoxy adheres to the substrate properly to seal and cure for long-lasting protection. This required a top-to-bottom high pressure water blast to create the required concrete surface profile and clean condition needed for a proper bond.

Only after the tanks were cleaned and prepped could Savy & Sons start applying the epoxy coating. For this job we used Sherwin Williams Kem Cati-Coat® HS Epoxy Filler/Sealer Primer, which ensures great adhesion to concrete and other masonry surfaces while filling voids and crevices to smooth the surface.  , followed by two coats of Sherwin Williams COR-COTE® HT FF Tank Lining and Hi-Temp Coating.

The COR-COTE HT FF is an epoxy novolac amine that contains micaceous iron oxide (MIO) for enhanced anti-corrosion and edge protective properties. These flakes help form an impermeable barrier while increasing temperature resistance. Coatings and linings like this will protect wastewater infrastructure from corrosive chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which commonly found in wastewater systems.

Savy & Sons has the knowledge and ability to do the job right the first time, backed by our 10-year labor and materials guarantee. Contact us to learn more.


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