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When you make a major investment, such as a home or new car, you get insurance to protect that investment. Here at Savy & Sons, we like to think of epoxy coatings & linings as a sort of insurance for commercial flooring, utilities, and structures that see lots of heavy and damaging use.

As a third-generation, family-owned business, we have the skills and experience for all-things epoxy. We’ll choose the right product for your project, and apply it the RIGHT way – not the rushed way. But we know time is money too, and it’s our goal to minimize your downtime while ensuring the job is up to our lofty standards.

We’re so confident in our work that we even offer a 10-year work warranty – because your peace of mind is our priority.


Time, use, and environmental factors all contribute to the breakdown of organic building materials, leading to both cosmetic and structural degradation, and an accelerated depreciation of your investment. The use of epoxy and polyurethane resin injection where structural movement is expected, or where water infiltration needs to be stopped quickly, and sealants to protect porous materials and fill expansion joints and cracks, are a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to replacement.

Savy & Sons are skilled in the application of epoxies and protective coatings for structural repairs and corrosion protection so that not only the visible signs of damage are repaired, but also deterioration is addressed, extending the service life and integrity of the structure.


Wet Well Repair & Waterproofing

protective coatings

Wastewater Tank Epoxy Lining


As a family-owned and operated business, Savy & Sons has set the quality standard for three generations, providing masonry restoration, waterproofing solutions, and infrastructure repair for commercial, educational, and municipal customers.

With our service-first approach to all work, we’ve built a stellar reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and service. Our skilled team ensures that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and to our own demanding standards.

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Our top priority is to solve problems with unmatched customer service.


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction through the delivery of unparalleled expertise and open communications throughout each phase of our projects.


We build value into every project while delivering results that meet our demanding quality standards.


We are licensed, fully insured, bondable, and responsibly adhere to all safety and environmental codes for your protection.


We say what we will do and do what we say.  Our work is 100% guaranteed.

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