Pipelining Pitfalls: 10 Mistakes That Could Cost You (And How to Dodge Them)

It’s no secret that pipelining, especially the trenchless kind, is the future of pipe repairs. It promises efficiency, minimal disruption, and cost savings. 

But, like every innovation, there’s a learning curve. For those not armed with the right information or training,  that curve can be riddled with pitfalls.


Pipelining comes with a promise—a promise of something better.

Yet, as the demand for trenchless pipelining grows, so do the stories of mistakes and mishaps.

From homeowners to professionals, everyone’s susceptible to a few missteps. (Like incorrect material choice or overlooking the surrounding infrastructure)

By understanding the most common pipelining mistakes, like neglecting proper cleaning or using outdated equipment, you arm yourself with the best tool in the shed: information.

And when paired with pipelining best practices, you’re on the path to a seamless repair experience.

So, why are we talking about this anyway?

We’ve listened to countless stories from homeowners and professionals alike, sharing their pipelining adventures (and misadventures). 

It’s from these tales that we’ve distilled a list of the top ten pipelining mistakes. 

And not just that, we’re here to share how to dodge them, ensuring you get the best out of your pipelining project.

So, whether you’re a newbie exploring trenchless technology or a seasoned expert, there’s wisdom here for all. Take a look at the Reference sheet below:

Quick Reference: Top 10 Pipelining Mistakes (And How to Sidestep Them)

  • Skipping Inspections: Emphasizing thorough pre-lining inspections to pinpoint the core issue and devise effective solutions.
  • Incorrect Material Choice: Recognizing the range of lining materials and the pitfalls of incorrect choices, like premature wear and leakage.
  • Neglecting Proper Cleaning: The essential step of cleaning existing pipes pre-pipelining to guarantee the new lining adheres well.
  • Ignoring Local Regulations: Adhering to local pipelining codes and regulations to evade any legal issues.
  • Not Testing Post-Installation: Testing the system after pipelining to spot and fix any leaks or problems.
  • Lack of Training: The significance of specialized pipelining training, particularly for trenchless techniques, to dodge errors and ensure top-tier results.
  • Using Outdated Equipment: Understanding the drawbacks of outdated equipment on project efficiency and time.
  • Not Preparing Homeowners: The importance of informing homeowners about the dos and don’ts pre- and post-pipelining.
  • Overlooking Surrounding Infrastructure: Being cautious not to damage adjacent utilities or structures during the pipelining process.
  • Ignoring Warranties or Guarantees: Recognizing the duty of restoration firms to provide warranties and the potential issues if these are not respected.

See, in the world of home improvement and maintenance, trenchless pipelining stands as a testament to modernity. 

It’s an emblem of how innovation, when paired with knowledge, can transform how we approach age-old challenges. 

Yet, as with any journey, it’s crucial to be aware of potential pitfalls. 

From understanding pipelining best practices to recognizing common pipelining mistakes, being informed is your best defense against unforeseen hiccups.

And here’s the silver lining: you’re not alone on this journey.

Whether you’re a homeowner eager to embrace the benefits of trenchless technology or someone looking to dive deeper into the nuances of pipe repair solutions, there’s a team ready to guide you.

At Savy and Sons, we’re more than just a restoration company; we’re your partners in ensuring that your pipelining project is a resounding success. 

So, if you’ve got questions, concerns, or just a nagging curiosity about pipelining costs or inspection tips, don’t hesitate. Reach out to Savy and Sons, and let’s navigate the world of pipelining together. 

And if you’re ever in doubt, remember: the best decisions are informed ones.

So, contact us today, and let’s ensure your pipelining project is mistake-free and smooth sailing.

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