Shielding Structures: Weathering The Elements With Protective Coatings

From scorching sun to torrential rain, the structures you do business are faced with a relentless battle against the elements. To ensure longevity and durability, protective coatings act as the frontline defense, shielding infrastructure from the harshest of conditions. And today, we’ll explore exactly what sort of damage they’re designed to prevent.

The Role of Protective Coatings In Preserving Structures

Simply put, weathering is defined as any natural process that can have detrimental effects on an unmoving object, such as infrastructure.

UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. They’re all examples, and they all contribute to deterioration, corrosion, and aesthetic degradation. Without proper protection from them, your business infrastructure is vulnerable to accelerated wear and reduced lifespan, both of which will cost you time, money, and no shortage of stress. Not to mention the human toll of total infrastructure failure.

Lucky for you, protective coatings act as a formidable barrier against the elements.

UV-resistant coatings, for instance, shield surfaces from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure, preventing fading, cracking, and degradation. Moisture-resistant coatings form a waterproof layer, safeguarding against corrosion and deterioration caused by water infiltration.

So, by understanding the specific environmental threats at play, you can select coatings tailored to address these challenges, and in turn, protect your site, staff, and livelihood.

A few simple examples include:

Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is a pervasive threat to infrastructure, sometimes leading to structural instability and compromised safety.

Protective coatings play a pivotal role in corrosion prevention by forming a physical barrier between the metal surface and corrosive agents. In coastal areas where structures are constantly exposed to saltwater, for example, corrosion-resistant coatings become absolutely crucial. Think bridges, pipelines, and ocean-side industrial facilities.

Typically high in zinc, aluminum, or other sacrificial metals, these types of coatings corrode preferentially, sacrificially weathering the storm and wearing away in place of the underlying material. Additionally, these coatings often include inhibitors that neutralize corrosive elements, forming a robust defense mechanism against the harsh impacts of environmental conditions.


When facing extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, or temperature fluctuations, standard coatings may fall short. Weather-resistant coatings are engineered to withstand these challenges. They possess advanced formulations that create a flexible, impermeable barrier, preventing moisture from getting in and protecting against thermal expansion and contraction.

Weather-resistant coatings often feature elastic polymers, which provide flexibility to accommodate structural movements caused by temperature changes. This flexibility prevents cracking and delamination, ensuring the coating maintains its protective integrity even in the most demanding climates. Additionally, these coatings may include additives that may outright repel degrading liquids.

Choosing The Right Coating For Your Environment

Now, once you’ve assessed the natural threats to your business infrastructure, you’re ready to choose a coating. And your selection of protective coating should align with the specific environmental challenges your infrastructure encounters. For outdoor structures, UV-resistant and weatherproof coatings are paramount. Whereas in coastal areas, corrosion-resistant coatings become more crucial.

Of course, this may seem like a lot to consider. It’s a lot of information, and the investment is considerable as well. But tailoring your coating choice to the unique demands of your environment enhances the overall protective effect – which as we’ve already established, can cost you thousands of dollars and a whole host of business-breaking setbacks.

With that in mind, you’ll want to work with an experienced infrastructure repair and restoration contractor the next time your facilities need a lifesaving facelift.

Savy and Sons: Your Partner For Weatherproofing Solutions

Savy and Sons specialize in providing weatherproofing solutions that stand the test of time. 

As experts in infrastructure repair and restoration, every member of our team understands the nuanced challenges posed by different environments, and offers tailored coating solutions to ensure your structures remain resilient in the face of the elements.

Partnering with experts like Savy and Sons can streamline the decision-making process, providing you with optimal results, and more importantly, peace of mind. 

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